• Meet the Teacher:

    Tracey Myrick


    Tracey Myrick and her daughter


    Welcome to Kinder Plus! My name is Tracey Myrick and I have been teaching for over 10 years. I started teaching while getting my master's degree and fell in love with the joy of helping others learn. I spent a few years teaching high school, then I decided to move to the lower grades because I wanted to have an influence on children's first learning experiences and teach them that they can do anything if they work hard at it and persevere. Learning is hard. No one likes to be in a situation where they don't know how to do something and are asked to keep trying to do it anyway. My goal is to make that learning fun. I want all of my children to experience success, even if those first steps of success are learning how to not give up and reward yourself for the effort of trying and doing your best. I especially enjoy working with the younger kids and the Kinder Plus kids because they come to school with such a thirst for knowledge and really do appreciate all the help they can get as they figure out new things. I also enjoy making learning into a game so that they get to play while they develop new skills. I am fortunate because, even though I get to be their teacher, I've found over the years that I learn just as much from them. They start each day new with a positive outlook, an "in-the'moment" joy, and the ability to move on from disappointments without holding grudges. They may have the same big emotions that everyone else has, but once they can move through those emotions, they are quickly happy again and eager to make the most out of each and every moment of the day. The light in their eyes and their joy at learning something new reminds me that I need to appreciate every little thing life has to offer.


    I live in Carmel Valley with my husband and four daughters. We have a menagerie of "pets" that my children adore and insist that we own - so we are busy every day with chores. However, I have found that our furry (and some feathered) friends have given my children skills that I could not teach them alone. We are very forunate to live and work in such a beautiful area with so many wonderful families. I have found Toro Elementary to be an absolute treasure and I am fortunate to have a wonderful home for after work and a wonderful "home" to come to for work. I look forward to an amazing year.