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    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

    Please follow the step-by-step instructions to complete this year's online registration forms. All forms will be submitted electronically and there is no printing required unless you are participating in our A Time for Me Extended Daycare Program. Payment for transportation should be sent to school with your oldest child. Please complete all five required steps.

    Step 1: District Level Forms (Required)

    Please complete both required district level forms. You only need to complete one form per family.

    Application for Free and Reduced Lunch

    Application for Free or Reduced Bus

    Step 2: Student Emergency Information Form (Required)

    Please complete one form for each child attending schools in the Washington Union School District.

    Toro Park Emergency Form

    Washington Union Emergency Form

    San Benancio Emergency Form

    Step 3: Parent Authorizations (Required)

    Please click here to read the Parents'/Guardians' Notification of Rights and Responsibilities. Please complete one form for each child attending schools in the Washington Union School District. By signing this form you acknowledge that you have read this document.

    Toro Park Parent Authorizations Form

    Washington Union Parent Authorizations Form

    San Benancio Parent Authorizations Form

    Step 4: Acceptable Use Agreement (Required)

    Please complete one form for each child attending schools in the Washington Union School District.

    Toro Park Acceptable Use Agreement

    Washington Union Acceptable Use Agreement

    San Benancio Acceptable Use Agreement

    Step 5: Student Handbook Parent Signatures (Required)

    Please complete the Electronic Signatures Form after reading the handbook for the school(s) your child(ren) will be attending. Please click on the links below to read the student handbook(s) before completing the form below.

    Toro Park Student Handbook

    Washington Union Student Handbook

    San Benancio Student Handbook

    Electronic Handbook Signatures Form

    Step 6: Application for School Bus Transportation (Optional)

    Please complete one form for each child who will be riding the bus. Payment should be sent to the school office where your oldest child attends. The cost for one rider is $235, the cost for two riders is $398, and the cost for three or more riders is $470 and checks should be made to Washington Union School District.

    Toro Park School Bus Application

    Washington Union School Bus Application

    San Benancio Bus Application

     Step 7: Parent's Club Membership (Optional)

    Parents’ Club is a district-wide organization made up of parents and teachers whose common goal is to foster community and school spirit through fundraising events. We accomplish this by providing services, hosting family events, and offering financial support to each of our three school sites and their teachers. 

    Parents Club Information and Events 

    Member Contact Form

    Step 8: Washington Union Education Foundation (Optional)

    Washington Union Educational Foundation (WUEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise the neccessary funds to maintain the art and music programs at all three schools within the Washington Union School District.  According to WUEF's charter and bylaws, any money raised above what is needed to fully fund art and music will serve to meet technology requests from the three schools. 

    WUEF FAQ's and Fact Sheet

    WUEF Fill the Dish Donation Form

    Step 9: P.E. Order Form (Optional-San Benancio Only)

    All students at San Benancio are required to purchase P.E. clothes through the district. If you have not purchased PE clothes, please complete one form for each child who will be attending San Benancio. Payment should be sent to Diana O'Mary in the San Benancio School Office.  

    San Benancio P.E. Order Form

    Step 10: A Time for Me (Optional)

    Registration forms for A Time for Me Extended Day Program can be found by clicking here. Forms will need to be printed, filled in by hand, and turned in on site.

    Any questions about forms or registration should be directed to school offices.

    Toro Park (831) 484-9691

    Washington Union (831) 484-1331

    San Benancio (831) 484-1172