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    Washington Union Educational Foundation

    Created to support and enhance the educational programs of the
    Washington Union School District
    We're almost at the end of the school year and here's where we stand...

    Thank you to the 30% of district families that have donated so far this year!!   

    Together, this small percentage of participating families has raised $172,000... which is amazing!!


    So far through "Fill The Dish", almost $67,000 has been donated.


    The inaugural Disney Raffle and the 3rd annual "Taco 'bout a Party" raised almost $30,000.


    The See's Candy/Yankee Candle fundraiser brought in almost $10,000 for Art & Music.  And last but not least.....


    The dinner/dance/auction profited a touch over $65,000.  While this is not as much as year’s past, it got us closer to our goal. 


    However, as it stands right now,


    we are $16,000 short


    to meet the district request of $188,000 to fund

    Art & Music for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    If you have not yet supported your child(ren) in our district’s  

    Art & Music program, here is your chance… 






    Also look for the "GLOW" (Glorious Ladies Of WUEF) who will be out at drop off and pick up to graciously accept your cash or check donations.  Again, if you want to make a credit card donation, click here!!


    100% of what is raised with this campaign will help keep   

    Art and Music at our 3 schools! 


    At the end of the day, these small personal donations will add up to one ENORMOUS GIFT!! 


    JUST $24!!  That’s the cost of going to Starbucks 4 times or 3 glasses of wine or beer at Angelina’s after a baseball/softball game or dinner for 2 at Tico’s Tacos (mmm, Tico’s Tacos). 

    Again, it’s just $24 we are asking for.  If every family in the district gave $24, WE COULD RAISE OVER $15,000 IN JUST 24 HOURS!!  Now imagine if every family forwarded this fundraising notice to just one other person (grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle, neighbor who has no kids but wants to contribute, neighbor who has kids but they’re grown and loves your kids so wants to contribute, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!) and those people also donated JUST $24.  We would raise OVER $30,000 IN JUST 24 HOURS!! 





    Any questions, please feel free to contact our president, Carli Chasen at cchasen@sbcglobal.net


    WUEF is a non-profit

    501(c)(3) organization

    Tax ID #77-0037407


    820 Park Row, Box 473

    Salinas, CA 93901