• FAQ's

    Who can attend?
    • Everyone is welcome to attend (including your children if that means it is easier for you to attend!) 
    What do you discuss?
    • We plan for upcoming events, get updates from the staff representatives about what is happening at each school site and provide updates on fundraising efforts. The first two meetings ( Aug-Sept ) of the school year will be heavily focused on Harvest Carnival, which is our biggest event of the year. We need lots of help to make this event happen!


    How long do meetings last?

    • We generally try to go no longer than 1 hour as we know everyone is busy. 


    What is a WUSD PTO Representative?

    • Each class will have one or more WUSD PTO Representatives (sign-ups are during Back to School Night) and that representative is responsible for attending the monthly meetings and sharing the info from the meeting with the other parents in their class (usually via email.) This is really important as each class is responsible for staffing a booth at the Harvest Carnival.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Maci Mollring at wusdpto@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you there!