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    Created to fund the art & music programs of the Washington Union School District.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is WUEF?

    Washington Union Educational Foundation (WUEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to raise the necessary funds to maintain the art and music programs for the Washington Union School District.

    Why does the District need this funding?

    The ratings and geography of our district create the perception that the district is well funded. Washington Union School District receives the least amount of funding per child than any other district in Monterey County. This is due to the little supplemental and concentration grant funding that is received from the state. In simpler terms, the students of the district do not meet the socioeconomic criteria to receive additional funds that may support programs such as art, music and technology that other districts may have access to.

    What does WUEF funding pay for?

    The funds raised pay for art and music teachers’ gross salaries, raises, benefits, taxes and insurance. This keeps the teachers on-staff working with your child, supporting curriculum such as:

    • The Art Docent Program which includes monthly hands-on projects and Picture of the Month in all grades,

    • Music/Singing in TK – 3rd grades, recorder instruction in 3rd and 4th grade, and instrument and choir instruction in 4th – 8th grades.

    • Concert and Jazz Band are also offered to students to continue their love of music. Students that participate are receiving an additional 3 to 7 hours of music focus and instruction per week.

    • The support of WUEF allows events such as the annual Art Show, Concert & Jazz Band Performances, concerts and recitals for all grades, much more... Art and Music education enrich nearly every facet of your child’s academic experience through these programs.

    * Offerings may be different during distance learning

    Where does the money come from?

    The funding comes directly from parents and guardians of the students who benefit from the program via contributions, fundraising, business sponsorships and grants. A small percentage comes from giving partnership programs like Nob Hill ExtraCredit and AmazonSmile.
    Who decides where the money goes and how it’s used? The Washington Union School District determines how the money is used. WUEF exists solely to raise money to put towards the educational needs of the district as it sees fit.

    How much money is needed?

    Each year the total amount WUEF must raise changes, generally increasing, based on the salaries negotiated by the district. The per student cost to fund these programs is determined by the district-estimated annual student enrollment. If $195 was contributed on behalf of each student in the district, the art and music programs would be fully funded. Any additional fundraising would strictly support technology. Example: $150,000  ÷ 770 (estimated student enrollment) = $195 per student

    How can I volunteer?

    WUEF NEEDS YOU! Contact us if you are interested in helping and making an impact!! We’d love to have your support. Please contact President: Andrea Massey; wuefpresident@gmail.com. Volunteering starts with signing-up at a “Back to School” or “Orientation” event with any WUEF member OR by dropping-in at any upcoming WUEF Board Meeting 

    What is a “Friend of WUEF”?

    There are many families in the Washington Union School District that own (or are part of) a local small business. By becoming a “Friend of WUEF,” your donation will:

    • Advertise your business to the entire Washington Union School District. That’s nearly 600 families who love supporting local businesses!!! Your business name and logo will be displayed at all three school sites and during all WUEF sponsored events.

    • Support the art and music programs with a tax-deductible donation for your business. Please visit our website at wuef.ejoinme.org to see additional options for business and corporate sponsorships.

    Please visit our website at wuef.ejoinme.org to see additional options for business and corporate sponsorships.

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    WUEF is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

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