Zero waste lunch means using reusable containers. Nothing needs to be thrown into the trash.
  • Our school is making strides to help our students and staff become more mindful about reducing our trash and plastic. Students are encouraged to "pack out" the trash they bring in. Not only does this create awareness about what items are thrown away each day, but sparks conversations about how foods and snacks can be packed differently. For example, instead of a purchased Lunchable children see how to make homemade "lunchables" in reusable containers with small spaces for crackers, cheese, and nuts. No waste. No plastic. Students have switched plastic forks and spoons for resuable utensils, cotton napkins for paper, and refillable water bottles for their beverages. As you begin shopping for back-to-school supplies this year, choose durable, reusable thermoses, containers, lunch bags, and water bottles to last the year and help reduce our trash and plastic. Remember to label all reusable containers so your child's things will make it make home for the next day's lunch.  Resuable Container