• Fifth Grade
    5th Grade
    Fifth grade students at Washington Union School spend a week at Outdoor Science School at Mt. Herman in February.  They study the Next Generation Science Standards and attend outdoor school to bring the standards to life.  Students live in the dorms, hike the area, attend science classes, and become knowledgeable about the flora, fauna and wildlife of the area.  They also have time to swim, play games, and do experiments.
    Fifth grade students are responsible for the 5th grade Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Math.  Their highly qualified teachers work hard to make the standards meaningful and attainable.  The students learn about the history, geography and people of the United States of America.  Each student selects a state upon which they will do in-depth research and write a report.  Students also work on Google Slides presentations to share.  Colonial School Day is another important event in the fifth grade curriculum.  In May students recreate a day in colonial school following their study of United States colonial history.