• Kindergarten Program 

    Our Kindergarten program is a standards-based integrated curriculum, where your child is encouraged to learn through a variety of relevant and interesting activities. When these experiences match the child's interest and understanding, learning will take place.

    Research indicates that there is a universal sequence of growth that occurs during the first nine years of life. An enormous variance exists in the timing of individual development that is within normal range. The early years are a time to begin the mastery of academic skills and to develop social skills and feeling of self-esteem.

    To provide an atmosphere of success, tasks are completed, valued and accepted according to each child's capacity to respond. Children make choices within the limits of materials and environment provided by the teacher.

    The Transitional Kindergarten (TK) program has a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the child at a pace adapted to best suit their abilities. Skills are addressed in social development, attention and concentration, and academics. The TK class functions as a real transition between the child-centered curriculum of preschool, and the academic expectations of elementary school. The expectation for students enrolled in theTK class is that students will attend a regular kindergarten class the following year. Children must be 5 years of age as of April 2, 2024.

    For information about Kindergarten registration please contact the school office at 484-9691.