• First Grade
    For most kids, first grade is thrilling.  Rarely, in fact, will school include so many “firsts”: the first time they manage a page of math problems; and especially, the first time they read a book independently, cover to cover.  

    Of course, your child may have started these tasks in kindergarten, but first grade teachers expect that developmental levels and learning styles will vary widely.  They use a variety of approaches, and they know that kids’ speeds vary.  One day, you may see nothing; the next day, “Got it!”  As one teacher says, “First graders are like popcorn!”

    First Graders are learning to understand themselves. In First Grade, we help facilitate students to develop a positive, realistic, self-concept, learn to respect themselves, begin to understand their own uniqueness, gain awareness of their feelings, learn to express themselves, learn to participate in groups, and begin to learn from their mistakes.