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    The benefits of having extra-curricular programs such as art and music are astounding, in that they not only help with creativity in the students but they also help with:

    1. Memory development
    2. Spatial Learning
    3. Organization
    4. Language and Literacy Skills
    5. Emotional Development

    These are the building blocks that can help a child become a successful individual that continues into adulthood.


    Art and Music Programs

    The art program offered in our district includes art history, concepts and methods which translates to having a foundation of how to create some of the masterpieces your child will make in their time in the district.

    Students learn the basics of music through their time in the district such as how to read music, how to create music with both an instrument and with song.  Music is profound. It creates an emotional connection between people and peers and is an excellent outlet of feelings. Music is known to help increase self-concept, expression and ultimately self-confidence. 

    2019 music 1  2019 art show 1  2019 art 1


    What Sets Our District Apart

    Washington Union is known for having some of the best schools in Monterey County, we attribute this to the background of the children, the incredible teachers and to programs such as art and music that set us apart from the rest. 


    What it Takes

    These programs are only able to exist in our district because of the amazing contributions of the parents and sponsors.  We know its important and we need your help to continue to provide the district to funds programs such as art, music and technology.  Help the students be set for success!

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    Our goal for 2021-2022 school year is to raise 150,000. With the approximate amount of students of 770 we have in the district, that equivalates to $195 per student.


    Reference: www.daydreameducation.com/blog/can-arts-improve-academic-performance/


    As always, we are grateful for anything you give!!