We are excited to announce our upcoming parent education nights!

     At Washington Union School District we recognize that parent support and involvement is our greatest asset. Please join us in coming together to discuss the following topics related to promoting healthy youth development and success at school. These parent education nights will take place 6:30pm - 7:30pm in the MPR at San Benancio. We invite all parents of WUSD to attend and provide input.

     December 1 - Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution Skills

    October was Bullying Prevention Month and our students did some great things to take a stand for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.  Please come join the conversation as we talk about bullying and the important role you have in preventing bullying at school and in the community.  Differentiated from bullying, we will define conflict and review conflict resolution skills.

     January 26 – Promoting Positive Peer Interactions

    Learning healthy social skills at a young age is crucial to supporting positive social and emotional development.  Please come join the conversation as we talk about actively promoting positive peer interactions, teaching social skills, and creating opportunity for students to practice these skills.  Positive peer interactions are important as they set the foundation for a child’s future style of interacting and success in social relationships.  As part of the conversation we will explore various scenarios that impact the lives of young people such as gossip and rumors, leadership, and motivating the unmotivated. 

     February 23 – Cyber-Bullying  

    We are excited to host Michael Pritchard, a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and youth motivator, who will be coming to present on cyber-bullying and the Lizzie Valasquez Story. The event theme will be “Unifying an End to Cyber-Bullying: A Forum to Empower Students to Create a Positive School Environment.”  Students and community members are invited and encouraged to come hear this outstanding presentation.

     March 30 - Stress Management and Calming Strategies 

    Young people, like adults, experience a great deal of stress. Please come join the conversation as we talk about childhood stress, ways to recognize signs of stress, and its impact on development.  We will review basic calming strategies and how you as a parent can help your child develop healthy ways to manage stress and solve everyday problems.  This event will take place at a crucial time as students are preparing for their annual CAASPP testing.

    Thank you to everybody who sent in your topic requests.  We are excited about these parent education nights and look forward to some great conversations.