• Resources from the Parent Eduction Seminar on January 26 - Promoting Positive Peer Interactions
    Learning healthy social skills at a young age is crucial to supporting positive social and emotional development.  Please come join the conversation as we talk about actively promoting positive peer interactions, teaching social skills, and creating opportunity for students to practice these skills.  Positive peer interactions are important as they set the foundation for a child's future style of interacting and success in social relationships.  As part of the conversation, we will explore various scenarios that impact the lives of young people such as gossip and rumors, leadership, and motivating the unmotivated. 

    Tip sheet with reminders for encouraging social success at home

    Reminder that social skills build on one another...help your child to master the basics and then move to more advanced skills

    Parent Toolkit: Suggestions for supporting your child's social and emotional skills at each stage of development

    wwww.understood.org has a great Parenting Coach Tool where you can get tips on skill building for a wide range of topics

    PBS Parents offers games, resources, and educational activities to do with your child

    Visual supports and reminders are very helpful tools for any kind of skill building... Here is a free resource where you can find a few examples.

    Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for fun social skill building activites!

    Youtube has many social skills training videos that you can watch and discuss with your child. 

    Books are GREAT tools for social emotional learning. When reading with your child, take time to talk about the thoughts and feelings of the characters. Ask your child why they think the character may be feeling that way and how they would feel and act in that situation. Click Here for a long list of titles to check out at our local libraries! 

    Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning