San Benancio Middle School

43 San Benancio Road
Salinas, CA 93908
Phone: 484-1172
Fax: 484-6509
Attendance: 484-0972
Principal:  Gina Uccelli
Secretary:  Diana O'Mary
All Bully/Harrassment Reports are Confidential 
San Benancio Middle School offers a rich array of programs, challenging and engaging instruction, and extracurricular activities, all of which encourage students to learn to reach their potential, whether it is through academics, sports, arts, music, or leadership. The school has a long and proud history of academic achievement, thanks to an experienced and dedicated teaching staff and a curriculum that aligns with the State’s Standards in all the content areas.

Students attending San Benancio experience challenging instruction that prepares them well for their high school experience. Graduates of San Benancio are academically successful and are often the student leaders in their high schools, whether in public or private settings. Students at the school perform exceptionally well on state tests and successfully compete in county academic competitions, such as the Spelling Bee and Math Counts. In addition to academics, students may participate in several instrumental groups, in performance and visual arts, the school’s yearbook, team sports, and community service activities.