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    Hello from "A Time for Me"  


    Our formal name is the Washington Union School District Extended Day Program, or WUSD EDP for short.


    We are Fondly called "A Time for Me."  This name uniquely relates to your child, and you!  Like the breeze that blows through the oak trees and wildflowers surrounding our district, this name subtly touches on the importance of time.  Our goal is to use our time to support your child's extended school day in effective ways that result in more quality time at home. 

    Our promise

    To provide safe, healthy and supportive care for your children during their extended school days.  Whether it's before and, or, after the school bell rings, each minute is important and focused with professional and conscious planning, healthy snacks, academic support, creative outlets, sportsmanship opportunities and good old fashion outdoor fun! 


    Our Programs

    have loving and supportive teachers who take time to listen to your child, follow their interest and encourage them in their individual pursuits.  We raise the bar of childcare services by putting some STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) into our planning.  Daily preplanned lessons are ready with a blend of unique and creative activities designed to pique children's interest in new or common things that extend their learning and desire to learn more!  While our structure provides the stability children need, there is also flexibility to allow them to explore and imagine.  Homework time and support is always built into the schedule, and often snuck into fun activities that allow them to experiment with the ideas and concepts learned in their classrooms.


    WUSD EPD provides before and after school childcare for students TK to 8th grade.  All services are fee based and only available to children actively enrolled in Toro Park Elementary School, Washington Union School or San Benancio Middle School.  Under normal healthy circumstances an after school program is provided on each campus for the children on that campus. However, during these uncertain times of COVID 19 concerns, this may change to keep your children safer.   


    Our Staff 

    includes Teachers in Charge who keep things running smoothly with the finesse of air traffic controllers.  They work in tandem with brilliant and educated staff who fill the roles of Nutrition Leaders making sure daily snacks and food projects are healthy and delicious, Sportsmanship Leaders keep the balls bouncing and reinforcing the values of team work, and Creative Leaders who are continuously coming up with new and fun ideas to stimulate your child's mind, heart and soul!

    Our staff understands making friends and having positive social interactions are an important part of your child's development.  Besides being trained in CPR and first aid they are alert and ready to model and facilitate responsible, inclusive, respectful, kind choices and interactions between them, their peers and adults.  In all our programs manners and respect matter, along with quiet time, structured time, academic time, book time, do nothing time and giggling silly creative time.  Our job is to structure their day time in the best way possible, so your evenings can be the best family time possible. 


    Our Schedules

    follow the academic school days and bell schedules for each age group's campus schedules.  A Time for Me's AM morning programs are open between 7:00 and 9:00, with children being released to meet their school start times or be escorted to a bus to another campuses.  A Time for Me's PM after school programs begin following their individual school's final bell and close at 6:00.  Services are available during the school year only. Availability may vary during COVID Cohort Schedules.    


    Registration & Tuition

    If you are interested in enrolling your child in our program please send an email to WUSD.EDP@outlook.com.  Please include the following information:  Contracting parent name, best email address, best phone number and the names, birth dates and grade level your child will be attending in the new year.  You will receive a return email with instruction for the next steps. We use PROCARE, an online cloud based program specially designed for childcare programs. Once activated you will be able to view your account, see what's happening in your child's program and pay tuition online, if desired.  

    A non-refundable $50 per child registration fee is required to activate your account for the new year.  This fee does not secure a position in a program.  A deposit of 10% of the Annual Tuition is required to secure space in a desired program. All programs operate with appropriate teacher to child ratios and enrollments is based on space availability.  Registrations are accepted throughout the year as space allows. 

    For more information on tuition rates please visit the WUSD EDP Tuition & Fees tab listed above, or click on the WUSD EDP Annual Tuition Rates or send an email to WUSD.EDP@outlook.com.  We welcome scheduling tours of our facilities with opportunities to meet our staff during operational times, except during COVID Cohort Schedules.     


    Health & Safety


    Our top priority is always the safety and wellbeing of your children.

    Due to current COVID 19 circumstances, program and operational plans will follow the lead of the school's schedules and plans, the Monterey County Health Office guidance and California Public Schools "Stronger Together" guidelines and practices.  In a hybrid educational model, your Annual Tuition can be applied in equivalent weekly time usages. Additional hourly fees will be incurred for services beyond your contracted time.  Transportation details to and from A Time for Me during COVID 19 will be each parent's responsibility.  If you have any questions, please send an email to the above mentioned email or directly to the director, at csturm@washingtonusd.org 


    Communication is Key!

    Families are an integral part of our extended day program and your input is always welcome.  By communicating with the classroom teachers and you on a regular basis we are able to collectively provide the best we can for all the children. We are honored to be of service in the care and guidance of your children.  Thank you for choosing A Time for Me. 



    Charlene B. Sturm

    Director, WUSD Extended Day Program


    (831) 484-2550

    Send inquiries for more information to: WUSD.EDP@outlook.com 


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