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    "A Time for Me"

    Registration is NOW Open. 


    Email registration requests to:  WUSD.EDP@washingtonusd.org or csturm@washingtonusd.org


    We are "A Time for Me,"  

    Washington Union School District Extended Day Program, or WUSD EDP for short, is the after and before school program for students attending one of the three district schools.  We believe, because time can be as fleeting as the breezes through the oak trees and as precious as the wildflowers in the hills around us, our program needs to be about helping everyone find a little "Time for Me", young and old.  In our beautiful rolling hills environment, we strive to make every child's time with us as joyful, creative and supportive as possible.  In today's busy, high-tech world, A Time for Me is a great place for them to have fun, do homework, enjoy a healthy snack and more importantly, enhance their in-person (not through devices) social skills with old friends and by making new ones. 


    Our Promise 

    We will support each child's extended school day in effective ways that are creatively structured to meet their developmental needs. We keep this promise by consistently providing safe, healthy and supportive care during their extended school days.  Being Safe, Respectful and Kind are the three key rules for students and staff.

    To keep this promise, we have supportive and trained teachers who take time to listen to the children, follow their interests, encourage them with individual projects and support their developmental needs.  They plan and prepare thought-provoking activities designed to spark a desire to learn more and pique their interest in new or common things!  


    Our Programs

    All services are provided on the Toro Park Elementary School campus for students actively enrolled in TK to 8th grade classes in the Washington Union School District.

    Bussing is provided to and from Washington Union School and San Benancio Middle School for our students in a full annual tuition program.  Any students using the Drop In program must purchase daily tickets from their school office.

    Your child's day will include fun activities, healthy snacks, academic support with designated time for homework, creative outlets, sportsmanship and good old-fashioned fun with friends!  The daily structure of each program provides stability and flexibility to allow each age group to explore and imagine. Planned projects often delve deeper into ideas and concepts taught in their classrooms.  Activities often include a STEAM focus to allow Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to keep them engaged in modern learning and wonder.



    Our Team:   

    We have Teachers In Charge and Teachers who work together with specific age groups. We operate each program with appropriate and safe teacher to child ratios and fill each group based on space availability to the ratio of 1:16 for our youngest and 1:18 for the oldest .

    Our Teachers-In-Charge work as a team with other extended day teachers to provide age-appropriate activities for the groups they work with each day.  Many of our teachers have studied child development, have related degrees or are in pursuit of one.  They all understand the importance of helping children make friends through positive, inclusive, social interactions.  Trained in CPR and first aid, they're alert and ready to care for your child. They each model, encourage and teach with the core values of providing a safe, respectful and kind environment.  

    Manners and respect during quiet time, structured time, academic time, book time, or do nothing time and giggling silly creative time are a part of every day!  Each day is structured in the best way possible to meet your child's extended-day needs, so your evenings can give them the best possible time for their family needs.



    Our Schedule & Location:

    Hours of Operation:  7:00 am to 5:45 pm

    • A Time for Me's (AM) morning, before-school program: Open 7:00 am to 8:00 am.  

    • A Time for Me's (PM) afternoon, after-school programs: Open following school's final bell to 5:45 pm.  

    • A Time for Me daily programs all close at 5:45 pm. (NEW)  


    Location of All Programs: 

    All WUSD Extended Day Programs are held at Toro Park Elementary School, 22500 Portola Drive, Salinas, CA 93908

    Calendar of Days of Operation:

    We follow the District's published Academic Schedule for school days and bell schedules for each campus.  Our services are only available on days when in-class learning is provided. We do provide extended hours to meet the needs of minimum, collaborative and parent-teacher conference day schedules. 


    How to start the registration process:  

    Send an email to WUSD.EDP@washingtonusd.org   or csturm@washingtonusd.org.

    Include the following 7 information points about each child you wish to register:

    1. Child's full name

    2. Date of birth

    3. Grade to be entered in the new school year

    4. Contracting parent/guardian name

    5. Best email address

    6. Best phone number

    7. Schedule desired: AM, PM or BOTH  (Tuition Details are listed below).     


    How to complete the registration process:

    The 7 items below are needed to complete the registration process. You can find these forms on this website, or by clicking on the form names below.  If you would like these forms mailed or emailed to you, please email your request to csturm@washingtonusd.org or stop by Room C to pick-up a hard copy to complete.

    1. Complete and submit the Tuition Choice and Placement Forms

    2. Complete and submit an annual Emergency Info sheets page 1 and Emergency Info Sheet page 2 for each child

    3. Complete and submit a signed annual Parent Agreement Contract.

    4. Keep copies of these items for your records.

    5. Complete the PROCARE on-line registration or re-registration for each child using a link emailed to you by the Director

    6. Pay a Deposit of 10% of the Annual Tuition, or the full Annual Tuition for each child.

    7. Pay the $75/child registration fee, which can be waived when the full tuition is paid before your child starts our program.

    Program spaces are only secured when all fees are received, all required paperwork is submitted and the PROCARE online registration is received. 


    Tuition Choices, Placement form, Registration fees & Deposits:  


    TK All Day - 7:00-8:00 + 2:15-5:45

    $5220 per year

    TK Mid Day - 11:30-2:30

    $4550 per year

    Kinder to 8th grade - End of day bell to 5:45       

    $4050 per year

    TK-8th grade - Morning, 7:00-8:00

    $720 per year



    A deposit of 10% of the Annual Tuition is required to secure an available spot in a full year program, in addition to all paperwork and completion of the online registration in PROCARE.

    A deposit of $100 per child is required for any Drop-In Program student.  Please note, a drop in space is only provided based on availability, not guaranteed.

    All deposits are due by August 1st or 2 weeks in advance of a late start date.  Deposits are held in your account to be applied as the 10th/final installment when full tuition is not paid and once any outstanding balance is paid in full. 



    A non-refundable $75 per child registration fee is required to activate your account each year and required for any full tuition and drop in student.  This is an administrative fee and does not secure a position in any program. Registrations are accepted throughout the year as space allows. 

    A non-refundable $30 per child Program Change fee is required for any program changes made after 60 days.



    PROCARE is our online cloud based management program specially designed for childcare programs.  A link will be sent to you to register and set up your account, or to re-register. All families must be enrolled in the PROCARE system.  Your account will store answers to important questions about your child such as; allergies, authorized pickup names and numbers, special interests, etc., once your account is activated.  It also gives you access to making credit card payments with processing fees applied.  You can also view your account for balances and statements.  Please contact the Director if you would like to set up an electronic transfer of funds from your bank to make payments. 


    A program space for your child is only secured when there is space available and the registration fees, deposit or full tuition are paid, plus all paperwork is submitted completely and your completed PROCARE registration is received. 


    Health & Safety

    The safety and wellbeing of your children will always come first in our plans, policies and operations. 

    In uncertain situations, such as we experienced during the COVID 19 pandemic, temporary changes may be required. We will continue to insure the health and safety of everyone by following all CDC/CA guidelines. Safety is always a number one priority!  During any period of COVID 19 restriction, operational plans will follow the lead of the school's schedules and program plans will follow the Monterey County Health Office guidance and all CDC/CA guidelines and practices.  During disasters, please watch for special notifications and updates on Parent Square. If you have any questions, please email the Director, Charlene Sturm at csturm@washingtonusd.org

    In non-pandemic times, we welcome scheduled tours of our facilities with opportunities to meet our staff as well. 


    Communication matters!

    Families are an integral part of our extended day program. Ongoing dialogs with you help us to work collaboratively towards providing the best programs possible for the children. Please contact the Director any time you have a question, need assistance or have input.  Your input is valued and welcomed. 

    We are honored to be of service in the care and guidance of your children. 

    Thank you for choosing A Time for Me. 



    Charlene Sturm

    Charlene B. Sturm

    Director, WUSD Extended Day Program

    Email:  csturm@washingtonusd.org

    Phone: (831) 484-2550

    Send inquiries for more information to: WUSD.EDP@washingtonusd.org


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