• The Washington Union Elementary School District

    Board of Trustees

    43 San Benancio Road

    Salinas, CA 93908

    (831) 484-2166

    John Vorwerck
    Term Expires: November 30, 2022


    I am proud to serve on the WUSD Board of Trustees with such a qualified and engaged staff. I feel fortunate that my children are part of such a great school district. WUSD is a rural/country style district with exceptional teachers that set the highest goals for our students. The Parent participation in this district is exceptional. I encourage everyone to take an active role in their child/children's education and support our schools with what ever means they have available. The enhanced quality of our student's education requires input and participation from all of our families and community. 


    Kathy LaGrandeur
    Term Expires: November 30, 2020 


    Excellence in the Washington Union School District is apparent through our beautiful school sites, engaged students, dedicated teachers, and outstanding academic success. The cooperation between the school staff, parents, volunteers and community make this excellence a reality. Initially as a student, then as a parent and now as a board member, I have always been proud to be a part of this amazing school district.


    Kathy Bozzo, D.C.
    Term Expires: November 30, 2022


    I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as a trustee for the Washington Union School District. In my opinion, it is the most important work of our community, the work of educating our children. I am so happy to be joining such a dedicated volunteer board that is committed to working together to help all students achieve academic success. This is an amazing school district, and I am proud that my children were educated here. We are blessed with beautiful school sites, a dedicated and highly qualified staff and administration, and parents who are engaged in their children’s education.  With your continued support, I know that we will make the vision of the WUSD a reality.



    Hope Tinney
    Term Expires: November 30, 2022 


    I am excited to have the opportunity to serve on the Washington Union School District board of trustees. I attended k-8 in the district and I have always been interested in education, both the specifics of my own children’s education and larger questions such as, what is the purpose of education or what does it mean to be educated? Many of John Dewey’s ideas resonate with me, but this quote caught my eye recently: “The goal of education is to enable individuals to continue their education.” For all of our students, I hope their years at WSUD provide a rich, engaging experience that gives them the confidence, discipline and desire to continue learning throughout their lives.  


    Sara Young
    Term Expires: November 30, 2020